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Flatiron Building

Located on 175th Fifth Avenue, the Flatiron Building is a turn-of-the-century landmark. Built in 1902, this defiant and bold structure is a favorite with many locals and tourists. Upon its completion in 1902, Flatiron Building was rated as one of the tallest building of New York.

There are twenty two floors that soar 285 feet into the sky. This architectural landmark was designed and constructed by architect Daniel Burnham and John Wellborn Root. The construction was financed by George A. Fuller, and the building is officially named after him. Better known as the Flatiron Building, this New York landmark stands on a triangular block known as the Flatiron block. The name crops from the outstanding shape — similar to a clothing iron. Due to this building, the neighborhood has acquired the name as the Flatiron District.

The most photographed building of Manhattan is also a National Historic Landmark since 1989. Home to many offices, especially book publishers, the Flatiron building was also used in the Spider-Man movies as the Daily Bugle building.

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175 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10010

Trains: 1, 9 at 23rd Street

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