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Because of its status as an American metropolis, New York has plenty of transportation options, whether traveling to or traveling in the city.
The city is served by three major airports, insuring a steady stream of flights all day long. Once in the city, the subway, bus and taxi options mean renting a car is not necessary to get around.

bus   Bus

In conjunction with the subway, buses can get you to your destination quick and relatively hassle free. You may want to consider coins (no cash) or a MetroCard to pay for the $2 fare and transfer for free to any other bus. Bus stops are clearly marked on the right-side corner of streets every two [...]

subway   Subway

Over 1 billion people use New York City’s subway system every year. It is cheapest and most efficient way to travel while in the city. The subway doesn’t have to deal with the gridlock that plagues most of the streets in Manhattan, making taxi and bus rides less efficient than walking. While it won’t provide [...]

taxi   Taxi

Taxi cabs in New York City are regulated by the Taxi & Limousine Commission, guaranteeing you are getting what you pay for. The is a Taxi Rider’s Bill of Rights posted on every cab in the city disclosing that cab drivers must take you anywhere you want in all five boroughs, must take you to [...]

traveling-in-new-york   Traveling in New York

If there is something you need to know about New York is that traveling by car isn’t the most efficient way to get around the city. Don’t bother renting or driving to the city, traffic is a nightmare, legal parking spaces are rare and even if you do find one, you can bet it is [...]

traveling-to-new-york   Traveling to New York

With three major airports serving New York City, flights are readily available through most airlines. John F. Kennedy International Airport and LaGuardia Airport are both located in Queens, with LaGuardia being considerably closer to Manhattan. Newark Liberty International Airport is located in Newark, N.J., but is only 15 miles from New York City. If you [...]

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